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Is there someone or some place in your life that has been totally influential in sharing the love of Jesus with you?


Maybe a Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Pastor, Mentor, Friend, Co-worker, Church or Organization — the list goes on and on.
Awesome people and organizations who have shared the greatest love of all by selflessly becoming the "hands and feet" of Jesus; offering their great help and His awesome love in times of need.

This is where we can give back by helping you show honor to these individuals and/or organizations and help celebrate the source of their love, strength and motivation - Jesus.



For every $20.00 donated gift for a “Person of Light” to the Jesus Fest Event, we will add their name to the event website and also have their name displayed on a Celebration Banner at the Jesus Fest Event on August 26th, 2017!



In our communities there are churches and organizations that continuously give from the heart without question and without hesitation to those in need.  Some of these churches are in more populated areas, in which attendance is great and resources are plentiful, and some smaller churches are in more rural areas having very limited resources due to smaller congregations.

Given this, and in the spirit of the "widow's mite," Mark 12:42, we have changed the amount suggested for listing on the "Lighthouse" portion of the "Person of Light" testimonial fundraiser recognizing and celebrating the continual sharing of the Gospel.

Now, for any amount contributed by our beautiful small and larger churches in our communities we will add the name of that contributing church to the "Lighthouse" event website and also on a banner at this year's celebration of Jesus. 



Blessings to all as His great hope and love continue to be shared in all corners of the earth! 

So here is how you can add your “Person of Light” & “Lighthouse!”


Fill out the form below. Bless the event with your “Person of Light” or  “Lighthouse” donation. Enter the name of your “Person of Light” or “Lighthouse” exactly as you wish for it to appear on the website and banner (very important). Then we can all celebrate with you the difference this person, church or organization has made by lovingly sharing Jesus.

Person of Light & Lighthouses

Thank you so much for helping in this way… and may the joy of celebrating Jesus and all who love Him fill your heart!

Persons of Light

Cecelia Oliver

Clell Woodrum

Woody and Faye Stewart

Lea Braun

Vivian Lucas

Dr. & Mrs. Warren L. Grace

Merle L. Oliver

Bud & Beverly Samples

Vondal Taylor

Bob and Jan Kosa

Hazel Oliver

Pastor Benny Pauley

Ida Stewart

Paul D. Boyd

Rosalee Willis

Mrs. Edith Stover
Rev. W.I. "Bill" Hairston
Pastor Matt Friend
Linda Spaulding



Mountain Heights Church

Glad Tidings Church

Maranatha Fellowship


Southeast Church

of the Nazarene

Highland Hospital

 Joe Holland Chevrolet
Grace Dental Care 

Bible Center Church

Union Mission

Judson Baptist Church

Chesapeake First Baptist Church

Fidler & Frame
Funeral Home

NewLife 94.5, Charleston

Paul Pollard Productions

Southridge Chick-fil-A

Persons of Light

Chris Herron
Doris Burford
Patsy Anne Hesse
Pastor Brad Joseph
Pastor Ollie Parsons
Pastor Rob Lemon
Teresa Stone
Barry Miller
Laidley M. Oliver
Pastor Bart Hodel
Jeffrey Newcomer
Pastor Rebekah Jarrell
James Titus
Pastor Darren Powell

Jeffery Velepec

Thomas J. Dillard
Audra N. Dillard
Marjorie Outlaw


Persons of Light

Rev. Craig Crossman

Karen Crossman

Amanda Easter

Jeff Whitehead

Pastor Louie A. Jeffrey

Rev. Reggie Woodrum

Kevin and Tonya Pauley

Patsy Anne Hesse

Quewanncoii Stephens Sr.
Eva Mae Hairston



City National Bank
Cross Lanes Christian School
The Salvation Army
Anytime Fitness
The Spa at Living Well Medical Center
Clarks Tree Service
Faith Electric

Mousie's Classic Hand

Wash and Detail 

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