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Is there someone in your life who was totally influential in sharing the information about Jesus with you? 


Maybe a Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Pastor, Mentor, Friend, Co-worker — the list goes on and on.


Awesome people who wanted to share the greatest love of all with you — information about Jesus! This is where we can give back by helping you show honor to those who have shared this amazing love! 


For every $20.00 donated gift to the Jesus Fest Event, we will add your “Person of Light” to the event website and also have their name displayed on a Celebration Banner at the Jesus Fest Event on August 22nd, 2015! 


So here is how you can add your “Person of Light”!


Hit the Jesus Fest “Go Fund Me” link below. Bless the event with your $20.00 donation and place the name of your “Person of Light” in the comment box as you wish for it to appear on the website and banner (very important). Then we can all celebrate with you the difference this person has made by boldly and lovingly sharing Jesus.

Person of Light

Thank you so much for helping in this way… and may the joy of celebrating Jesus and all who love Him fill your heart!

Persons of Light

Rodney Nichols
Rev. David & Emily Patchell
Dr. & Mrs. Warren L. Grace
Mary Ann Belling
Bertha Smith

Jennifer Kelly Holcomb

Rev. Clell R. Woodrum

Loretta Woodrum

Cecelia E. Oliver

Woodrow & Faye Stewart

Beverly Samples

Pastor David Baughn

Bettye Baughn

Bud Samples

Willie & Goldie Maggard

Sadie & Stanley Mullins

Vivian Lucas

Larry White

Kathy White






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